Takaomi Yoshino


Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Training: Vaganova Ballet Academy, Ellison Ballet
Joined Trockadero:
August 2018
Other Companies: Atlantic City Ballet


Varvara Laptopova

is one of those rare dancers who, with one look at a ballet, not only knows all the steps but can also dance all the roles. As a former member of the Kiev Toe and Heel Club, she was awarded first-prize at the Pan Siberian Czardash and Kazotski Festival for artistic mis-interpretation.


Boris Dumbkopf

has been with the greatest ballerinas of our time; he has even danced with some of them. One of the first defective Russian male stars, he left the motherland for purely capitalistic reasons. Amazingly, between his appearances on television and Broadway and in movies, commercials, magazines, special events, and women’s nylons, he occasionally still has time to dance.

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