Shohei Iwahama

Birthplace: Komae-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Training: Sam Houston State University, The Ailey School, Miyako Kato Dance Academy
Joined Trockadero:
March 2022
Other Companies: NobleMotion Dance, James Sewell Ballet, Hope Stone Dance

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Anya Marx

comes to the ballet stage after her hair-raising escape from the successful (but not terribly tasteful) overthrow of her country’s glamorous government. She made a counter-revolutionary figure of herself when she was arrested for single-handedly storming the State Museum of Revolutionary Evolution, where her fabulous collection of jewels was being insensitively displayed alongside a machine gun. The resilient Madame Marx is currently the proprietress of America’s only mail order course in Classical Ballet.

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was a renowned Greek cricket player who stumbled into the world of English ballet after a wrong turn on the M-90 to Folkestone. Chip was heralded for his simple and inspiring interpretation of “Doppe” in Dizzney’s world premiere of “La Fille de Neige Blanche.” Unaffected by technique, Chip brings his special brand of athleticism and “je ne sais quoi pas” to the Trocks.