Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

Comedy is serious business and ballet even more so. With that in mind, the Trock dancers work hard to balance their serious ballet technique with silly antics, all for the enjoyment of their audience.

Best known for presenting their lovingly-satirical takes on the tropes of classical ballet repertory, these versatile dancers layer slapstick humor with technical chops resulting in performances that simultaneously celebrate, skewer, and enliven the ballets that aficionados thought they knew and that newcomers are initiated into- through the universal language of laughter.

In rehearsals and on the road for approximately 30 weeks per year, the dancers and production staff are (or quickly become) touring veterans who live for putting the show on stage and drawing anything from giggles to guffaws from the audience.

The Trock dancers take on the uniquely complex task of performing one of their dual personas, either male or female, along with the role of the ballet in which they have been cast. The dancers layered portrayals bring depth and nuance- and some rather punny and off-kilter ballerina personas- to a buoyantly goofy evening at the theater!

'There are two things you should know: one, they’re very fun, two, they’re really good.'

Photo credit: Zoran Jelenic