One of the most joyous aspects of seeing the Trocks on stage is the degree to which the individuality and diversity of company members informs their performances. Indeed, they take immense pride in their approach to equality, diversity and inclusion, and this ethos is inseparable from their artistic practice. In many ways this sets them apart from mainstream ballet companies that still cling to outdated, exclusionary aesthetic requirements and a rigid, unquestioning approach to the gender binary. These are important battles that are still being fought both within the dance world and in the world at large, and although the tide does seem to be changing for the better the Trocks occupy a unique space in this discourse as veteran dancers and pioneers of diversity and acceptance. They are not just an exceptionally skilled ballet troupe; they are radicals and proud of it.
~ Alex Halstead, A Young-ish Perspective

Click here to read the Trocks’ Statement on Diversity, Inclusion & Access

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"The Trocks deliver a kick from a steel toe-cap in a silky pointe shoe."

"This is a company that brings its audiences pure joy."

"This is the funniest night you'll ever have at the ballet!"

"The Trocks are a guaranteed hoot for people who know nothing of ballet and an absolute must for those who think they know the originals."

"The whole program is a mocking, loving, beady-eyed and wildly merry view of ballet. Not to be missed."

They are the best kind of artful parodists, capable of illuminating the most gripping sections of academic classical ballet, albeit via a wink and smile and the occasional well-placed shtick