Robert Carter

Robert Carter

Birthplace: Charleston, SC
Training: Ivey Ballet School, Joffrey Ballet School
Joined Trockadero:
November 1995
Other Companies: Florence Civic Ballet, Dance Theater of Harlem Ensemble, Bay Ballet Theater

Robert Carter Olga Supphozova

Olga Supphozova

made her first public appearance in a KGB lineup under dubious circumstances. After a seven-year-to-life hiatus, she now returns to her adoring fans. When questioned about her forced sabbatical, Olga's only comment was "I did it for Art's sake."
Art said nothing however.

Robert Carter Yuri Smirnov

Yuri Smirnov

At the age of sixteen, Yuri ran away from home and joined the Kirov Opera because he thought Borodin was a prescription barbiturate. Luckily for the Trockadero, he soon discovered that he didn't know his arias from his elbow and decided to become a ballet star instead.