Sergio Street

Sergio Najera

Birthplace: México City
Training: Dance School of Mexico City, Joffrey Ballet School, Alonzo King's LINES ballet.
Joined Trockadero:
February 2023
Other Companies: Ballet Folklórico De México de Amalia Hernández, Convexus, Contemporary Ballet, FABC, México de Colores.

Sergio ballerina (1)


has defected to America three times and been promptly returned on each occasion -- for "artistic reasons." Recently discovered "en omelette" at the Easter Egg Hunt in Washington, D.C. Prima Ballerina Vinayshinksky was hired by the Trockadero, where their inexplicable rise to stardom answers the musical question: Who put the bop in the bop-shibop-shibop?

Sergio danseur


has a rare disorder characterized by a tendency to have a confused state of mind with some disorientation and often to make puns or tell inappropriate jokes or pointless stories in socially inappropriate situations along with a giddiness and lunatic mood swings. As he does not understand that this behavior is abnormal, he has found a place in the company as one of the more comedic artists as he works on his technical skills.