Jarrod in street clothes

Jarred Bosch

Birthplace: Biloxi, MS
Training: Marymount Manhattan College
Joined Trockadero:
March 2024
Other Companies: Carolyn Dorfman Dance, Hudson Ballet Theater, Exit12 Dance Company

Jarrod Ballerina

Marina Plezegetovstageskaya

Any ballet goer who saw Mme Plezegetovstageskaya dance on a herring in her first American tour is not likely to forget her outstanding performance as the Sour Cream Fairy. One of the world’s great dialectical sophists, Honored Artist Plezegetovstageskaya came to the stage from the Bolshoi Academy of Dance Polemics where she excelled in heroic parts and tableaux vivifies. There she gained youthful fame as a practitioner of barefoot naturalism right up to the eyebrows. Following her graduation she was drafted by the Trockadero for a player to be named later.

Jarrod danseur

Medulli Lobotomov

Dancer by night, Serbian Mafia assassin by day and purveyor of guillotine-triggering car flaps at weekends, Medulli has held a grudge against the animal kingdom ever since a fur allergy forced him to quit his job as a hat-check girl at the Opera.