Trocks Make Delightful Debut at the Egg

Tresca Weinstein, Albany Times-Union
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Over the four-plus decades that Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo has been around, the company has seen a few changes. For one, in our post-RuPaul era, a lot more people of all ages know about and appreciate drag. For another, the all-male troupe has achieved a level of technical skill that goes far beyond comedy or vaudeville. This is really good dancing.

What hasn’t changed is the Trocks’ nimble way of giving a wink to all the critical adjectives that are frequently used to describe ballet — silly, mannered, pompous, overwrought — while at the same time reminding us just how awe-inspiring the form can be.

On Friday night, the New York City–based troupe made its debut at The Egg, performing for the biggest crowd The Egg has seen this season for a dance show.

The company’s signature work, “Le Lac Des Cygnes,” from Act II of “Swan Lake,” opened the program, with the lithe firebrand Nadia Doumiafeyva as the Queen of the Swans, whipping through one pirouette after another. (Each dancer is christened with a ballerina and a cavalier name upon joining the troupe; in real life, Nadia is Philip Martin-Nielson.) Nadia and her swan-tourage peck, preen and flap as they make Lev Ivanov’s choreography their own. The hapless Nina Immobilashvili (Alberto Pretto) can usually be found straggling a beat or two behind.

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