The best ballerinas in Britain at the moment are hairy and male

Ismene Brown, The Spectator, London
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credit Sascha Vaughn

…Whereas — you can see where I’m going with this — Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo have the dancing and the star-quality skills. Even by their standards, this latest trip to the UK by the hairy male ballerinas is showstopping. It’s not just the now very refined way that the men danced on pointe (they are so good they don’t have to deprecate their appropriation of the ladies’ territory any more), it is the absolute command they have of their artistry, serious artistry.

When they’re dancing Les Sylphides or their precision-tooled Balanchine or Cunningham parodies, this is not a Miss Piggy on pointe moment, though there are loads of Muppety jokes. It is that the genius who has scripted the microplot of their ensemble comedy has also instilled such an exact appreciation of the period differences of the ballets, the quirks and manners of each choreographer. You can see in the performances exactly why each ballet has been selected and how hugely the performers love inflecting it with their own personality.

As for Yakatarina Verbosovich (Chase Johnsey) and Nina Immobilashvili (Alberto Pretto), is there some legally impregnable reason why they should not be hired as serious talents by a conventional ballet company with gaps in its ballerina ranks?


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