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Gaby Aldor,
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Gaby Aldor arrived with mixed feelings of the men dance show women’s roles but came out happy and smiling

Men dressed as women and women’s roles 

To understand the nature of this band have to write the full name in French Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. In Hebrew, something is lost in translation, while the French name Pretty Boy is considered cool, unfounded and this group’s wonderful, she did not arrive at Monte Carlo but the United States.

I came with mixed feelings – once again drag and battered jokes, dance struggling, laughing hard. I the cheerful and smiling the most enjoyable two hours later.

Ballet de Monte Carlo is a band of men dressed as women and women’s roles. After a while it’s “Ladies'” becomes marginal. British intelligence and humor they bring parts of the ballet known as men commit the Swan Agam ballerina roles “, and the final dance” Paquita “from the 19th century, as well as a subtle parody to March Knighm and his friend John Cage, refined those who know the reception total of all sound – including voice sip of water and playing on a dry leaf – and the holding of Cage’s special body Cunningham. Those who do not know – this little piece of absurd and funny.

“Swan Lake” is a classic that strongly deserves it will make trouble for some. Highlight this perfect love between a prince enchanted form of a swan girl had been some abuse, and known issues that have enriched the world of dance.

After Sweden’s Mats Ek with Cullberg Ballet where swans are white men and elegantly lottery Ducks, after the movie and the ballet “Billy Elliot”, the fact that men are no longer the form of a swan, but this time the men dance the role of women in ballet. After the first wave of laughter and astonishment of Odette pure Hmtzmht chest hair beneath elegant ballerina outfit, we find excellent dancers, who can dance on the toes and arms, sometimes muscular, but more often soft and supple, round and expressive.

Of course it’s funny, it’s amazing, and even tempting slowly, and the viewer opens a different experience, not just entertaining. The double figure of a man – a woman is not really new. Early days Ballet danced only by men, women did not appear on stage. Romantic image of light and transparency and unreality almost is an invention of the 19th century and the paradox of dance difficult and demanding as the role that play is a helpless and the victim becomes more difficult to digest (By the way – the film “Black Swan” is an example of manipulating the absolute image of degenerate and false this).

Without Hthnhnoiot and sexist jokes

Excellent performance of the ballet Trocadero manages to maintain a degree of irony and humor with the story, but also a few exciting moments of dance accurately, especially Odette’s solos and a duet final. There is a constant wonder about the ability of dancers to perform high-level women’s roles so funny thing is that men are totally masculine – they perform the roles of dancers, but hardly any Hthnhnoiot, sexist jokes, sexual innuendos.

Sexual tension in the body itself, an interesting clash between what is perceived us manly and what is perceived as feminine, the appeal of traditional roles and images.

Shakespeare – who once played the roles of men and women of his theater and celebrated role reversal comedies like “Twelfth Night” and “ctob You Like It “- understood perfectly the charm and the surface tension of these redundancies. Orlando “of the Virginia Woolf is an exchange of sex, Kazuo Ohno Japanese at a hundred more dancing women in silk and flowers at the gate, the role of women classical Kabuki theater the Japanese are made to this day by men, and Dominique Mercy in Pina Bausch’s crying and shouting dress ballet unraveling B”kontaktaof “.

Ballet Trocadero not trying to be serious, but he takes his dancing very seriously, and when a joke is like a rehearsal for a second glance, a moment of failure, to highlight the absurdity, remove the mask of perfection.

Quartet swans famous dancing usually at end of course captains or any stronghold manly then, is also part of one humorous comical, but it is clear that the dancers can also dance the dance virtuoso without one “mistake”, was lost for the seriousness and be tempted to traffic hot spot that seemed to deadhead her through layers of discipline and tradition.

Grand finale of “Paquita” by Marius Ftifh – technically demanding dance, fast and virtuoso – one feature appears more enjoyable – Men have power. Although there is no incriminating marks on them of inflating muscles (except for two dancers, their shoulders broad just add something more touching in their female dance) – The ease with which they overcome the technical difficulty allows you to relax a little perturbed that accompanies such a difficult dance. And they celebrate together with the audience … you can really love them.

Translated to English from original Hebrew source