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Stefan Kyriazis, Express Tues Sep 13, 2022
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The Trocks' hilarious take on Swan Lake

LES BALLET TROCKADERO DE MONTECARLO review: The masters of mischief and
mayhem swept into London during their UK Tour and delighted with their usual delirious
mix of dance and farce.
17:34, Tue, Sep 13, 2022 | UPDATED: 17:39, Tue, Sep 13, 2022
Ballet is a grand and glorious thing – and often rather serious. Not so when the 'Trocks' are on
stage, the all-male company sassily spoofing classical and modern dance with impeccably
hilarious aplomb, and resplendent with wonderful drag names from Minnie Van Driver to the
Legupski brothers. The fun starts with their full drag bios in the particularly splendid
programme, revealing which dancer defected three times to the US (and was returned) and who
did not have the talent or intelligence to be good at dancing (and so was accepted immediately
into The Trocks), plus the dreaded uninvited guest artiste. 

Founded in 1974, the chaps have been merrily mangling the classics for decades but their schtick
always sticks its landing because it is done with evident love for the art form and impressive
respect for the technique. Among the pratfalls and visual gags, they also take time to flourish
some fabulous form, never more on point than when they are en pointe.

Guffaws rang out constantly during the recent London run at the Peacock Theatre as they slowly
and deliciously roasted Swan Lake throughout Act 1, sensationally led by Varara Laptopova
(Takaoimi Yoshino) reeling off stunning leaps and turns while mugging merrily to the crowd as
the Queen of the Swans.
Throughout, make sure you watch the faces as much as the footwork and fumbles and you'll be
amply rewarded. A hilarious pas de trois rinses the time-old comedy of a tiny male dancer with
two towering ballerinas and the spoofed classic Dance of the Cygnets is so much fun you ache to
get up there and join in.

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