A Leap into the Past

Louise Levene, Sunday Telegraph
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5 stars

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo combine old favourites and novelties with greater success (and infinitely more laughs).  Swans will always be wanted, but each “Trocks” visit brings delicious new surprises.  This week’s generous programme included the pas d’action from Marius Petipa’s 1900 romp Les Millions D’Arlequin and a painfully funny rendition of Leonid Lavrosky’s Walpurgisnacht.

The lash-fluttering allure of their “ballerinas” tends to earn more plaudits, but the Trocks’ princes are just as well observed.  Joshua Grant (alias Ashley Romanoff-Titwillow) nails all the Siegfried mannerism, and in Walpurgisnacht the deadpan Brock Hayhoe manhandles his partners with the throwaway insouciance of a man juggling cigar boxes.

The Trocks have learnt – lie Ninette de Valois – that Swan Lake can be the Trojan horse for any number of novelties.  Their cunningly constructed spoof of its second act sets the tone for the entire evening, softening up the audience with a few pratfalls before unleashing Robert Carter and his triple pirouettes.  We might have come to laugh, but we stayed to worship.