Ugo Cirri

Ugo Cirri

Birthplace: Lausanne, Switzerland
Training: Vevey Youth Ballet School, Association pour la Formation des Jeunes Danseurs, Kirov Academy of Ballet of Washington DC, Ballettschule Theater Basel, Miami City Ballet School, San Francisco Ballet School
Joined Trockadero:
June 2019
Other Companies: Los Angeles Ballet

Ugo Cirri Minnie van Driver

Minnie van Driver

Always running from rehearsals, costume fittings and performances, Miss Driver has a strong sense of movement. She has performed worldwide and has a natural aptitude for touring. Famous for her beautiful port de bras, she gives credit to her many hours behind the wheel.

Ugo Cirri William Vanilla

William Vanilla

Despite the fact that he is American, he is very popular within the company. He is extremely personable, the ballerinas very much enjoy dancing with him, the management finds him agreeable, his costumes are never soiled, his fans admire his directness, he photographs well, he keeps regular hours, brushes his teeth after every meal, and he has never said a bad word about anybody. He will never really understand Russian ballet.

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