Trent Montgomery


Birthplace: McGehee, AR
Training: Arkansas Academy of Dance, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Accademiá dell’Arte, Florida State University
Joined Trockadero:
August 2021
Other Companies: Arkansas Festival Ballet, Tallahassee Ballet



English-born Sally Forth, who has knelt before Royalty on numerous occasions, is admired the world over for her tongue-in-cheek technique. Known somewhat inscrutably as the Prune Scone of the English Ballet, her overenthusiastic use of blush has contributed greatly to the smog of London.


Jens Witzelsucht

Mr. Witzelsucht has a pure and rare neurological disorder, characterized by a tendency to make puns or tell inappropriate jokes or pointless stories in socially inappropriate situations, along with a pathological giddiness with lunatic mood swings. As he does not understand that this behavior is abnormal, he has found a place in the company as one of the more comedic artists as he works on his technical skills.

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