Roberto Vega


Birthplace: Manatí, Puerto Rico
Training: Miami City Ballet School, Conservatorio de Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico, Escuela Especializada en Ballet Julián E. Blanco, Escuela de Ballets de San Juan
Joined Trockadero:
August 2017
Other Companies: Nashville Ballet 2, Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico


Ludmila Beaulemova

famed country and western ballerina, formerly prima ballerina of the grand Ole Opry, recently defected from that company when they moved to their new Nashville home. The rift was caused by their refusal to stage the ballet with which her name has become synonymous, "I Never Promised You a Rose Adagio."


Mikhail Mypansarov

soared into prominence as the first defector whose leave-taking was accomplished at the virtual insistence of the defectees (although in subsequent days Mypansarov was accused of abandoning his joyous comrades for “a mountain of beer and an ocean of dollars”). His meteoric rise to stardom caused him to be named Official Bicentennial Porteur by a committee of New York balletomanes who singled out his winning smile and losing feet.

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