Raffaele Morra


Birthplace: Fossano, Italy
Training: Estudio de Danzas (Mirta & Marcelo Aulicio), Accademia Regionale di Danza del Teatro Nuovo di Torino
Joined Trockadero:
May 2001
Other Companies: Compagnia di Danza Teatro Nuovo de Torino



Before defecting to the West, Lariksa’s supreme agility aroused the interest of the Russian space program and in 1962 she became the first ballerina to be shot into orbit. Hurtling through the stratosphere, she delivered handy make-up tips to an assembled crowd of celebrities back on Earth, including the now legendary.... ”Whitney Houston, we have a problem...."



The ballet world was rocked to its foundations last month when Pepe Dufka sued 182 of New York's most ardent ballet lovers for loss of earnings. Mr. Dufka claims that nineteen years of constant exposure to rotten fruit and vegetables has led to painful and prolonged bouts of leafmould, cabbage root fly, and bottom end rot. Sadly, this historic court case comes too late for a former colleague, whose legs were recently crushed by a genetically modified avocado and will never dance again...

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