Haojun Xie


Birthplace: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Training: Beijing Dance Academy, Joffrey Ballet School
Joined Trockadero:
August 2018
Other Companies: Columbia Classical Ballet Company


Maya Thickenthighya

Her radioactive properties prevented her from appearing with the Trockadero until her recent release from a special sanitarium on the Black Sea. A brilliant virtuoso in the Moscow style, Madame Thickenthighya’s torque was applied to the running of Generator 14 near the Gorsky Dam during the period of her political disgrace. She is, this season, reinstated to her unique position in the ballet world.


Nicholas Khachafallenjar

The demi-semi-hemi-character dancer from innermost Outer Tashkent was awarded the Order of Stalin for his partnering techniques. Although no ballerina has ever lived to describe the thrill of his touch, he continues to astound the public (and elude the police) with his brute strength. He is fondly known in the Trockadero as "Igor the Crusher."

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