Giovanni Ravelo


Birthplace: Bucaramanga, Colombia
Training: Ballet Anna Pavlova (Bogota); The Rock School; Escuela del Ballet Nacional de Cuba
Joined Trockadero:
October 2008; rejoined July 2016
Other Companies: Roxey Ballet; Ballet Nacional de Colombia


Irina Kolesterolikova

was discovered, along with Rasputin’s boot, adrift in a basket on the River Neva by kindly peasants. Her debut at the Maryinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg was marred by her overzealous grand jete into the Tsar’s box, impaling a Grand Duchess. Banished from Russia, she made her way arduously to New York, where she founded - and still directs - the Ecole de Ballet de Hard-Nox. Her most famous exercise is the warm-up, which consists of a martini and an elevator.


Boris Mudko

is the Trocks’ newest danseur, having joined only last year. Boris is a drunken but talented Russian from Dzerzhinsk, in the former Soviet Union, who insisted on an audition while the company was on tour. It took some time to sober him up to make him coherent – he was given gallons of tea and several enemas – but he was finally accepted into the company. He has since given up all drink and is doing quite well.

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