Christopher Ouellette (on leave)


Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Training: San Francisco Ballet School
Joined Trockadero:
May, 2014
Other Companies: Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre



was orphaned at the age of three when her mother, a ballerina of some dubious distinction, impaled herself on the first violinist’s bow after a series of rather uncontrolled fouette voyage. Colette was raised and educated with the “rats” of the Opera House but the trauma of her childhood never let her reach her full potential. However, under the kind and watchful eye of the Trockadero, she has begun to flower and we are sure you will enjoy watching her growth.



Marat, Sergey, Vladirmir and Vyacheslau are not really brothers, nor are their names really Marat, Sergey, Vladirmir or Vyacheslav nor are they real Russians, nor can they tell the difference between a pirouette and a jete...but...well...they do move about rather nicely ...and...they fit into the costumes.

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