Alejandro Gonzalez Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez cropped for web

Birthplace: Holguin, Cuba
Training: Camaguey Academy of Ballet, Provincial Ballet School, Holguin, Cuba
Joined Trockadero:
May 2019
Other Companies: Holguin Chamber Ballet, Ecuadorian Chamber Ballet, Municipal Ballet of Lima, Peru

Alejandro Rodriguez Maria Clubfoot CROPPED FOR WEB

Maria Clubfoot

Last of the great Native American ballerinas: Larkin, Tallchief (Maria and Marjorie), Clubfoot. Maria, pride of the Luni Tribe, began her training with the Wounded Knee Ballet and blazed a dance warpath with her literal “Slaughter on 10th Avenue,” universally acclaimed and banned for Clubfoot's use of traditional Indian weaponry. Maria appears with the Trockadero under special permission from Federal authorities.

Alejandro Rodriguez Tino Xirau Lopez cropped for web

Tino Xirau-Lopez

Lopez, a well-known figure to the Off-Off-Off audiences, returns to the Trockadero flushed from last season's Nutcracker in which he played the fiendishly difficult role of the Father. His numerous theatrical successes, have not prevented his stern, aristocratic family from disavowing any claims he might make to title.

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