Alberto Pretto


Birthplace: Vicenza, Italy
Training: Academie de Danse Classique Princesse Grace, Monaco Montecarlo
Joined Trockadero:
February 2011
Other Companies: English National Ballet, Stadttheater Koblenz


Nina Immobilashvili

for more years than she cares to admit, has been the Great Terror of the international ballet world. The omniscient and ubiquitous Immobilashvili is reputed to have extensive dossiers on every major dance figure, living and/or dead. This amazing collection has assured her entree into the loftiest choreographic circles; the roles she has thus been able to create are too numerous to mention. We are honored to present this grand dame in her spectacular return to the ballet stage.


Stanislas Kokitch

“The Forgotten Man” of ballet, is hardly ever mentioned in reviews by critics or in discussions by devoted balletomanes despite having created several important roles in now forgotten ballets. He is the author of “The Tragedy of My Life,” an autobiography not at all reliable.

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