The scene is the outdoor cafe of Lorenza’s Inn in Spain, where waitresses, gypsies, Lorenza (mother to Kitri), Kitri (the prettiest girl in the village, madly in love with Basil), Basil (a peso less barber with a roving eye and a weakness for strong drink), The Marquise Cristobal Iglesias Habsburgo de Azuza y Cycamonga (a rich nobleman, desperately seeking a beautiful young wife), Amour (who neatly ties together all the loose ends) all meet in this parody of the great 19th century Russian classic.

  • Music by:
    Ludwig Minkus
  • Choreography after:
    Marius Petipa and Alexander Gorsky
  • Costumes by:
    Mike Gonzales
  • Lighting by:
    Kip Marsh