The Company

Tory Dobrin

Artistic Director

Liz Harler

Executive Director

Isabel Martinez Rivera

Associate Director

Raffaele Morra

Ballet Master

Bivi Kimura, Elena Kunikova, Iliana Lopez

Company Teachers & Coaches

Tamara Kushe

Company Pianist

Shelby Sonnenberg

Production Manager

Erika Johnson

Lighting Supervisor

Olivia Kirschbaum

Wardrobe Supervisor

Anthony Feola

Production Assistant

Ken Busbin, Jeffrey Sturdivant

Costume Designers

LG Capital for Culture

Fundraising Consultant

Roy Fialkow

Education Manager

Anne Posluszny

Digital Engagement Manager

Zoran Jelenic


Marius Petipa

Stylistic Guru

Dr. David S. Weiss

Orthopedic Consultant

Insurance Broker

Maury, Donnelly & Parr, Inc

In Loving Memory

Eugene McDougle

Since 1974, he guided the Trocks through both the good times and the difficult times, in the kind ways of a true gentleman. He will be profoundly missed.

Mike Gonzales

Costume Designer

The memory of his performances and the beauty of his costume designs in so many collections, archives and souvenir books will make him a presence in our lives for a long long time.

Anne Dore Davids

Company Archivist

We regret with deepest sorrow the passing of our beloved Anne Dore whose support and love have enriched our company for so many years. Addio.

Marianthe Bolhmeijer

Website Designer

An exceptional artist and friend, Marianthe designed several versions of our beautiful website and helped us reach a much wider audience. We will miss you.