The Nutcracker

Music by: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Book by: Eugene McDougle after characters by E.T.A Hoffman
Choreography by: Pamela Pribisco
Costumes by: Mike Gonzales
Lighting by: Kip Marsh
Decor by: Kip Marsh

It is Christmas night. All the party guests have left and the family has gone upstairs to sleep. As the grandfather clock tolls the midnight hour, the Blue Fairy arrives to visit the Nutcracker, but discovers that Clara, the young daughter of the household, has taken him to bed with her. Clara has left her other dolls scattered under the Christmas tree so the Blue Fairy wakes them up and everybody has a party.

Clara is awakened by the merriment and comes downstairs to see what the commotion is. The Mouse King also sneaks out to watch the party and, as the dolls dance and entertain, he tries to kidnap the Ballerina. There is panic and confusion among the other dolls as the Soldier and the Prince rush to her rescue! But, of course, there is the happy ending with the handsome Prince and the beautiful Ballerina finding true love.

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