Raymonda’s Wedding

Music by: Alexander Glazunov
Choreography after: Marius Petipa
Costumes by: Mike Gonzales
Lighting by: Kip Marsh
Decor by: Chas. B. Slackman

A Traditionally Confusing Divertissement in Two Scenes

Raymonda, a ballet in three acts and fifteen scenes, based on the scenario by L. Pashkova, has baffled audiences since its premiere at the Maryinsky (then Kirov, now Maryinsky) Theater in 1898. The plot, which loses something in translation, is as follows:

Count Jean de Brienne (a knight), betrothed to Raymonda (a young Hungarian noblewoman), abandons her to join the Crusades against the Saracens.

In his absence, Abdourahman (a Saracen Emir), woos Raymonda. When she rejects him, he attempts to abduct her. De Brienne, assisted by the White Lady (Raymonda’s Fairy Godmother), slays Abdourahman and marries Raymonda. The Trockadero ignores all of these plot intrigues and presents the happy ending.

Scene 1 – The entrance of the Bridesmaids and their departure for the wedding.

Scene 2 – The reception.

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