Long Zou


Birthplace: Li Ling, China
Training: Central School of Ballet (London), Guangzhou Art School.
Joined Trockadero:
May 2009 / rejoined 2016
Other Companies: Ballet Central (UK); Guangzhou Ballet; Jin Xing Dance Theatre, Shanghai



Ms. Enimenimynimova's frail spiritual qualities have caused this elfin charmer to be likened to a lemon soufflé, poised delicately on the brink of total collapse. Her adorably over-stretched tendons exude a childlike sweetness that belies her actual age.



Ketevan was dismissed from the Kirov Ballet in 1991 when he blackmailed the horn section of the orchestra and forced them to play "Papa Don’t Preach" in the third act of Romeo and Juliet while he vogued en pointe. Though Ketevan’s appreciation of high culture is second to none, he still thinks that prima donna means any song recorded before "Like a Virgin."

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