Laszlo Major


Birthplace: Mosonmagyaròvàr, Hungary
Training: Györ Dance and Art School
Joined Trockadero:
September 2014
Other Companies: North Carolina Dance Theater, Atlantic City Ballet, Compagnie Pàl Frenàk



comes to the ballet stage after her hair-raising escape from the successful (but not terribly tasteful) overthrow of her country’s glamorous government. She made a counter-revolutionary figure of herself when she was arrested for single-handedly storming the People’s Museum, where her fabulous collection of crown jewels were being insensitively displayed alongside a machine gun. The resilient Madame Youbetyabootskaya is currently the proprietress of American’s only mail order Course in Classical Ballet.



Araf, Marat, Sergey, Vladirmir and Vyacheslau are not really brothers, nor are their names really Araf, Marat, Sergey, Vladirmir or Vyacheslav nor are they real Russians, nor can they tell the difference between a pirouette and a jete... but... well... they do move about rather nicely... and... they fit into the costumes.

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