Carlos Renedo


Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain
Training: Jorge Fdez-Hidalgo Estudi de Dansa Bercelona, Steps on Broadway (NYC)
Joined Trockadero:
February 2012
Other Companies: Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Steps Ensemble, Rebecca Kelly Ballet


Maria Paranova

Maria’s remarkable life story, only now coming to light after 19 dark years in near hopeless conviction that she was Mamie Eisenhower, will never fully be told. The discovery of her true identity (at a Republican fundraiser in Chicago) brought her to the attention of the Trockadero where she is slowly recovering her technical powers.


Boris Nowitsky

has been with the greatest ballerinas of our time and he has even danced with some of them. One of the first defective Russian male stars, he left the motherland for purely capitalistic reasons. Amazingly, between his appearances on television and Broadway, in movies, commercials, magazines and special events, and women’s nylons, he occasionally still has time to dance.

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