Carlos Hopuy


Birthplace: Havana, Cuba
Training: Escuela Nacional de Arte, Havana
Joined Trockadero:
February 2012
Other Companies: National Ballet of Cuba, National Ballet of Costa Rica, Ballet San Antoino



enjoyed great success as a baby ballerina at the mere age of 9. Being a child prodigy, she developed serious allergy problems and could only perform short pieces. Known as the “little orphan”, Miss Snizova joined the Trockadero on tour, appearing cloaked in an enigma (complete with zip-out lining). A consummate actress, she has danced the part of Little Miss Markova and the title role of Glinka’s Popoy-the Sailor Man.



is known only to the most cultured and refined balletomanes in the dark alleyways of St. Petersburg. Originally a promising dancer-choreographer, his only ballet, “Le Dernier Mohicain,” was stolen by the director of the company. In severe depression and shock, he burned his ballet slippers and fled to the sewers, only to surface these forty years later.

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